We’re bustling with ideas, and hustling to build them – day in, day out ~

SatchCorp is a Lean Startup – Everything we do revolves around “validated learning”, which is defined as a process in which one learns by trying out an initial idea and then measuring it to validate the effect. Each test of an idea is a single iteration in a larger process of many iterations whereby something is learnt and the lessons applied to the succeeding tests..

As a Lean Startup, SatchCorp is heavily involved in researching new ideas and potential niche, market-gap-filling products ALL the time. Some of our current pursuits are listed below.

Are you passionate, full of ideas, can’t sleep at night thinking about the “what ifs” and possibilities of your potential billion-dollar concepts? Contact us here if you’re interested in finding out how you can bring them to life! We’ll discuss what you have in mind, and if it can lead places, we’ll take you to those places!

3D Game Development (UDK Engine)

Are you a fan of 3D FPS games? Ever played Unreal Tournament or Gears of War and thought “How did they build that??”? We’ve got some CRAZY ideas on the back burner, specifically to do with the UDK Engine – Contact us to learn more!

Quantitative Development

Sound expertise in Quantitative R&D, coupled with our core skillset in R, Python and C++, allows us to develop new and efficient ways to extract actionable intelligence from random data or otherwise – Contact us to learn more!

Online Issue Tracking & Collaboration

This sector continues to be the bain of every corporation and team’s existence. There’s plenty of competition, many gaps to be filled and better product suites still to be built – And we’re doing something about it! Stay tuned ~

Enterprise-level Automated Web Engines

One of our UNIQUE Areas of Expertise, Enterprise-level Automation is still fresh, despite being around for over half a century. SatchCorp is currently engaged in some exciting projects for this space – Contact us to learn more!

Mobile Application Development

Extremely saturated market, but with majority saturation in low quality apps. There is still room for quality mobile projects, from Mobile Utilities to Mobile Games. We’re working on many of them – Contact us to learn more!

Next-Gen Social Advertising Methods

Social Advertising has revolutionized the advertising industry. With billions of people using their smartphones on a daily basis, there is still a tonne of innovation to monetize, and we’re doing something about it! ~